Insanity Asylum Extra Support and Equipment

Insanity Asylum is the Most Intense In-Home Cardio Workout out on the Market

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Insanity Asylum is designed to take someone who is already fit and then raise them to the level of a professional athlete. Insanity Asylum derives most of its moves from professional football and basketball players workouts. The program was invented by Shawn T as a sequel to his Insanity Workout. Shawn T designed this workout to personally bring himself to the next level after insanity workout and personally guarantee's amazing results.

Insanity Asylum is described as the "graduate program" to Insanity Workout and it scales just as well. If you went through Insanity then you remember how hard it was going to the month 2 workouts. Well Insanity Asylum is month 3. Although, you don't necessarily need to do insanity workout first, it is highly recommended. Insanity Asylum is hard enough that even someone that is perfectly fit by all standards will have trouble if not properly prepared.

Insanity Asylum uses Extra Equipment to Increase Intensity Without Taking any more Time than the Original.

Insanity Asylum takes it to the next level from its predecessor. With the addition of the agility ladder and speed rope to you could easily be overwhelmed at first. But with persistence and a strong will anyone can complete this program. 

Graduates are almost certain to be completely ripped upon completion (although if your strong enough to do these workouts then your not for off.) The normal package comes with an agility ladder and speed rope with an upgrade package available separately that adds on to the workout including: a pull up bar, 3 resistance bands, and a chin-up assist.

If you are doing Insanity Asylum with a friend then extra equipment is available Here. I recommend getting a longer agility ladder and cutting it to size (which is around 6 feet) in order to save money.