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      Insanity Workout is the Prequel to Insanity Asylum

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Shawn T's revolutionary Insanity workout has got millions of people worldwide getting as fit and ripped as possible. His 60 - Day intense cardio interval training produces strong lean muscle mass while burning fat like crazy. 

Before attempting Inanity Asylum you should probably have already completed Insanity workout. Insanity Asylum is at the level of a professional athlete and is not recommended for people who aren't already in shape.

Insanity is one of the best in-home cardio workouts on the market. The program promises to get you completely ripped in 60 days. I have used the program personally to go from 190lbs down to 145lbs. Insanity is one of the hardest workouts I have ever done and I went through BMT (boot camp) for the Air Force. The key to good results with this program is maintaining a good form and keeping up a high intensity. Just because they are doing it on the screen doesn't mean you are copying them correctly. I found that using a large mirror can help you check your form and can protect you from picking up bad habits.

Insanity uses interval cardio workouts Comparable to those used in basketball, football, boxing, gymnastics etc.

Typical Insanity Workout Results
The Average workout starts with a 10 minute warm up - (that will have you completely drenched in sweat) followed by a
6 minute stretch and then a 25 minute workout (35 if your in month two)

On average you can expect to burn 300-600 calories on average for the month 1 work outs.

For the month two workouts you can expect to burn 500-800 calories on average (up to a 1000 max cal burn)

The great thing about this level of workout is that it raises your metabolism helping your body naturally burn more calories throughout the day. I noticed that my metabolism and energy level would stay pretty consistent weeks after I had done my last workout. Dieting is recommended but with insanity but not necessarily I lost weight with a diet of pizza and junk food. Although, if your going for a 6-pack I would recommend it because that last little bit of stomach fat is difficult to get rid of regardless of how hard you work out. 

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